Grab Yourself a Vosky body!

We offer you an individual and personalized solution to help you to achieve your goal whether that be weight loss, weight maintenance, muscle gain or preparing for a competition.

We take a ‘no-bull’ approach underpinned by experience that focuses on your health and optimizing your metabolism.

For a successful outcome the foundations need to be in place, so we begin with an in-depth screening session to look at your starting points: where your health is currently at, your food choice and eating history, your head space, your lifestyle and of course your goals or where you want to get to.

Our team is made up of coaches, trainers, experienced competitors, nutritionists, exercise physiologist .. to bring you a combined 25+ yrs experience.

  • Online and Face to Face Coaching
  • Your health is our number #1 priority
  • Individualized custom programs

Body transformation
Weight loss / Weight Management
Custom Nutrition Programs / Custom Eating Plans
Personal Training
Custom Training Programs
Metabolic Health
Competing and Stage (bodybuilding, figure, fitness, bikini, model categories)
Online Coaching and Face2Face Coaching

There is nothing better than standing alongside someone as they kick goals – we can’t wait to work with you.

We’ve got this!

Zoe-Claire & the Vosky Bodies Team

Integrity | Empathy | Accountability … Fun!

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Australian Small Business Champion Awards Finalist 2016

We are proud to announce that Vosky Bodies was selected as a Finalist in the 2016 Australian Small Business Champion Awards out of 1,200 entries, and acknowledged as an Elite Australian small business in the Fitness Services Category.

A huge thankyou and tones of gratitude to our wonderful clients, our amazing staff and everyone who has supported or been involved with Vosky Bodies along the way. This would not have been possible without every one of you!

Customized solutions to help you achieve your goal whether that be weight loss, weight maintenance, muscle gain or preparing for a competition [bikini, figure, fitness model, bodybuilding; all federations]. Our ‘no-bull’ approach is firmly underpinned by experience & focuses on YOUR health & optimizing YOUR metabolism.