Coach, Personal Trainer & International Business Woman!

25 Years Experience | UK, Hong Kong & Australia

Welcome Lyn Yaworsky!

Lyn’s experience in the world of exercise, nutrition, coaching and training people and athletes is second to none.

With a history of track and field and competing at International level meant Lyn knew first-hand what serious, goal focused training was all about.

After getting her quals in Exercise and Nutrition she made this her career. By age 26, Lyn was the area manager of a chain of health clubs and was responsible for coaching the ‘coaches’ and training the trainers.

Being an avid exercise nut herself she also maintained her own interest outside of ‘work’ having left competitive athletics and team sports she focused on weight training and the competitive sport of bodybuilding.

Lyn has coached and trained some high level athletes across all sporting disciplines

Coach, Personal Trainer and International Business Woman!eg many of the top 10 golfers, both English and Chinese olympic gymnasts, world champion Tae Kwon Do, World Champion Karate, many competitive and non-competitive bodybuilders, movie stars, stunt men, members of the Malaysian Royal family, people with disabilities and challenging health issues, males and females from age 6 – 86 and executives and CEOs of Apple, IBM, Coca Cola to name a few!

In the bodybuilding world, Lyn’s training partners included Dennis Christopher, ex Mr Europe & current President IFBB UK, Anne Stokx (top 3 female bodybuilder UK) and carried our training sessions with visiting bodybuilders such as Lee Haney, Bob Paris, Cory Everson etc.

Lyn was also involved in judging local Bodybuilding competitions and promoting the sport on radio, tv, and print, especially for women.

During her 15 years in Asia, Lyn owned “Khepri” which offered personal training, health and wellness coaching with a team of six kick-ass, full-time trainers, consulted to Shangri-La Hotels, The Hong Kong Golf Club, The Royal Hong Kong Jockey Club and publications such as Tatler, HK Cosmo and SCMP on exercise and fitness. She also published a successful health and lifestyle magazine called ‘Asia Alive!’.