Testimonials from a few of our Competition, Nutrition, Training and Weight-Loss Clients

Don’t ask us – ask our clients!

Lynne K.

Deciding to train and complete a nutrition program with Vosky Bodies is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!

Zoe and her team cater to my needs AND my VERY fussy eating habits, whilst encouraging me to try foods I wouldn’t have put anywhere near me in the past. I’m now eating more kinds of foods then ever in my life! I lost body fat and got physically stronger.

vosky bodies mackay weight loss transformation nutritionVosky Bodies has taught me that food is fuel (and medicine) and that I need to feed my body the nutrients it needs for good health, vitality, energy and mood.

It’s ultimately changing my life and for that I will be forever grateful. I recommend Vosky Bodies to anyone that wants to transform their mindset and body!

Deciding to train and complete a nutrition program with Vosky Bodies is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!

Brooke R.

I have tried numerous amounts of pills, diets and cleanses.. some worked short-term others did nothing but drain my bank.

When I signed up with Vosky Bodies I was over it. I really wanted honesty and nothing sugar coated.

That’s exactly what I got.

Zoe-Claire was upfront from the beginning. Clear about where I was at, where I needed to be physically and more importantly MENTALLY if I wanted to attain my goals.

A lot of the time things are focused so much around the physical and the mind gets left behind.. so the cycle continues over and over, but that’s something you work on with Vosky Bodies.

My physical results were great, my mentality is better all the time, AND my motivation is still in full gear.

Even though I still have a long road ahead of me I know Zoe-Claire and her team are right there in my corner when I need them!


Sarah O.

I just had to share my fist pump moment with you all! Today the scales reached the magical number of 55kg! Not that I dwell on the scales (I used to always do this before Vosky) but from age 18-34 I’ve gone from 55kg up to 72kg, and then bounced around between 65-68kg over the last 6 years.

I NEVER thought I would see 55kg on the scales ever again – and I feel great. I’ve learnt so much! I’ll never go back to being the unhealthy person I used to be!

Thankyou Vosky Bodies!

Nomi C.

Today is the first time in over 4 years I have woken up and found ankles on my legs! (3 weeks into program)

Kelli B.

“I have spoken to a few of my friends in the industry about your business and other businesses I was looking at. Vosky Bodies has come back with the most positive feedback by far – you have a very good reputation. Congratulations on this, it’s obviously your commitment to your clients.”

Josiah P.

transformation weight loss vosky bodies bodybuilding coachMost of my life I struggled with my weight. As a child, and into my teens I earned nicknames such as ‘Bubble’, ‘Tubby’ and ‘The Michelin Man’. Towards my late teens I started training harder, but mainly cardio and body weight exercises. It helped but without a change in diet and lifestyle it was not going to be a real solution.

I eventually became fit enough to join the army and that lifestyle began to improve things. Eventually, after training with elite power-lifters and then deploying on operations in Afghanistan I finally reached my goal body composition.

A bad knee injury and a series of procedures and surgeries set me back a long way, which is when I contacted Vosky Bodies. The customised programs and awesome support has enabled me to keep working towards my goals even with the burden of my injury.

The photo on the left is in 2014, 3-4 months after my knee injury. The one on the right is this year after a long road of rehab and training under the care of my physio and the team at Vosky Bodies.

Lynda M.

Big step forward taken tonight, scary but exciting. Went through all my cupboards and have chucked everything that is not a size 8 or 10 in a pile to go to the op shop in the morning. I’ve slowly gotten rid of my huge sizes as I was an 18, but was too scared to get rid of my size 12-14… but tonight was like ‘It is time, this is a lifestyle now I have to let go of the fat person I once was.

Naomi O.

I have had the privilege of having Vosky Bodies work with me to achieve my health goals. Their professionalism and kick-ass attitude definitely kept me on track and moving forward. It felt like their sole focus was me even when the workload was growing as Vosky Bodies gained momentum. I am thankful I took up the opportunity to join the Vosky Bodies clan – thank you!

Jaime C.

Wow what a huge difference… even my tattoo’s changed shape!!! [response from Jaime after showing her side by side progress pics]

Brook J.

vosky bodies figure nutrition mackay coach bodybuilding fitnessI came on board with Vosky Bodies in 2015 for support with my health goals. Zoe-Claire is amazing in so many ways and has mentored me through a fairly rough/depressive time in my life. She has helped me to stay focused on my goals and not fall off the wagon!

She supported me like you wouldn’t believe and kept me accountable with my nutrition program and goals (and the customised nutrition and delicious meal plans were yummy!)

If you find your self stuck in a rut with your weight loss goals or if you are in need of some nutrition advice or accountability, contact my beautiful coach Zoe-Claire and the team at Vosky Bodies!

Big love to the Vosky Team!

Jade C.

Health & fitness has always been a part of my life. I used to run everyday with a fear that lifting weights would ‘bulk me up’! Zoe helped changed my mind about how I exercised and I changed my fitness regime! I was first introduced in the bodybuilding industry when Zoe began to compete 3 years ago. I have always admired Zoe’s ambition & drive.

australia fitness model anb

Image by Dean Whitling

A couple of years later I spoke to Zoe about the possibility of competing. I’ve always considered myself as a ‘plain jane’ and not ‘model’ material and was a shy and doubtful person.

The thought of stepping up on stage in HEELS and a very teeny weeny bikini, next to the ‘glamorous models, made me feel sick with fear! But my initial consult with Zoe gave me a giant push of encouragement.

We ran through every detail of the competitions, comp prep, diet, training, bikini’s, judging criteria, step by step – week by week. I still didn’t have a lot of belief in myself that I would be able to step foot on the stage, but Zoe’s techniques and her overall passion, understanding and empathy slowly turned that around in the weeks leading up to my first competition. Zoe was there, on call, every step of the way.

As my physique began to change with the customized nutrition plans and training, my confidence grew. Weekly check-ins and hours of posing practice started to push my nerves aside and replace it with excitement. As the competition grew closer, again Zoe was on hand with helping with accommodation, hair & make up, and tying up any loose ends, leaving me to focus purely on my diet and my training.

I commend Zoe on the way she coached me throughout my entire prep. Always asking questions, and really listening to my answers, providing encouragement and always with realistic expectations, and just ‘being there’ in general.

Having Zoe by my side for the 12 week prep, and then on the day of competition, without a doubt is what made me get up on that stage and NOT trip in my heels or throw up! I felt prepared and was incredibly happy with my physique and my nutritional throughout the comp prep.

I placed 2nd in my very first competition in the Fitness Model category, and I felt the biggest sense of accomplishment. Zoe teared up before I even touched the stage – she always said that just getting to that stage meant I had won!

I would recommend Zoe-Claire as a competition coach to anyone wanting to compete, or fitness goals they wish to achieve. Zoe has given me a confidence I never had before. So much so, that I am entering competitions again this year, with Zoe by my side.

Michelle M.

Completed my measurable yesterday and have made considerable gains!

I am stoked with the progress. Fist pump feeling!

Sally C.

I am so happy with where I am at now and have definitely got what I came for!

Shelley L.

Shelley Lockhard vosky bodies figure coach bodybuilding fitness modelWe all have negative thoughts and doubts cross our minds… We all have different reasons for starting on this amazing journey but we have to remember that the person we’re doing this for is ourselves – so keep going because it works!

A shout out to the dedicated, beautiful team at Vosky Bodies! To be part of this amazing team has made it so much more enjoyable – doing it with like minded people really helps too!

Happy times, strong times and amazing transformations ahead with Vosky Bodies!

Lena L.

I’ve never felt this comfortable in my own skin. I can see results and I can FEEL them!

I’m starting to feel amazing and we’re just over half way through the program! Bring on the rest!

Sarah S.

Through getting fit and being seen to be STRONG has opened up the opportunity to be invited onto the Mines Rescue Crew (in a male dominated field). I will be starting the auxiliary fire fighter program soon! Thanks Vosky Bodies!

Hannah G.

I love love love my nutrition programs. Working with you guys has been such an eye opener! I had exhausted all ways of dieting and was getting so fed up with all the different things I was trying over the years. I have learnt so much and of course, I am losing weight in a slow and healthy way AND really enjoying all my foods!

I think I could eat this way forever! The results are just too good to ever go back. The best result has been that my mind seems to be so clear and I feel my diet has had an affect on the way I think and on my head space. I do struggle with bouts of depression and this has lifted the effects so much. My weight-loss journey with this team has been just a joy.

Let’s see whether this keeps on improving long term. I have a feeling it will – see, I even think about this in a positive way now!!!

Nicole L.

You have a really super approach to what you do and in how you deal with people. Refreshing!

Hayley H.

Hayley henneberry vosky bodies figure coach bodybuilding fitness modelI’m a busy mum who wanted to compete, but needed the support from the experts! I did my competition prep with Vosky Bodies in Season A 2014.

The nutrition had my moods and energy levels stable through out my entire prep, I was on less than 1 hour of HIIT a week, my one on one posing and training sessions made all the difference, as well as our check ins, keeping me focused, trusting and confident in the process.

I really love the whole supportive fit family vibe of Vosky Bodies and have made some great friends!

INBA Sydney, 2014: 1st Place Figure Novice, 1st Place Figure International, Overall Figure Champion
INBA Townsville, 2014: 1st Place Fitness Model [int]

Nadia S.

I think my body is in shock from not doing 6 days a week of fasted cardio AND after weights cardio sessions! I don’t know how my body handled all that crazy for so long. Learning how to train smarter not harder!

Monique H.

You have helped me to see myself in a way I didn’t think that I ever could. Not simply by showing me how to lose weight, but by helping me change the way I think about what I see. An amazing gift – thank you.


I’ve been wanting to crack the 80kg mark for a very long time.. I just cracked it – and with a 4 kilo loss! And it’s just the start!

Lina D.Lina d vosky bodies figure coach bodybuilding fitness model

I would like to take the time to express my thanks and gratitude to Team Vosky Bodies.

Zoe you are a great teacher, coach and a true professional. You have given me the confidence I have never had and to get up on stage and succeed in my first competitions!

This was one of the biggest steps I have taken in my life so far! I have no doubt that the results I have achieved was due to your expert guidance (and my hard work in the kitchen and gym!). A very special thanks to all the Vosky Team for helping me with my training, nutrition and everything I needed for stage, and to all the girls that I have competed with in the Team your beautiful messages and kind words have made me feel overwhelmed!

Thank you to our beautiful coach Zoe for everything!! I feel grateful to be a part of this!! I have really enjoyed my first season experience! Thank you and I look forward working with you again in the future!

Natalie C.

This program has been great for me – I feel relaxed, well adjusted and supported! I’ve truly enjoyed the nutrition… & every time I’ve tried something new or a recipe I wasn’t sure about it has been YUM. Thank you!

Natalia O.

natalia oktaba vosky bodies figure coach bodybuilding fitness modelZoe-Claire’s passion, commitment and knowledge of the sport is fantastic. She provided us with so much learning about nutrition and training whilst mentally preparing us on what to expect on competition day, how to pose and present ourselves on stage and everything in between. I was definitely prepared for anything!

Zoe-Claire gave 100% of herself to support us throughout our preparation as well as on the day of the competitions. Her posing techniques are classy and she will work with you to make you present your body as best as possible.

I enjoyed the holistic approach with a big focus on ensuring that you are eating enough and eating the right way to get results through a varied, wholesome and nutritious eating plans.

I would definitely recommend Zoe-Claire if you are wanting to improve your health, transform your physique or get into the world of competition!

To sum it up it was one of most extraordinary journeys I have experienced making it on to stage and competing it was exhilarating and I am proud as punch for my achievements – it’s something that I have achieved for myself and nobody can take that away.

Thank you for your hard work and patience with me Zoe-Claire! If it wasn’t for your encouragement, support and belief in me I would now be without the amazing memories of our journey together and achieving a goal I never even dreamed I could possible achieve!

From the heart!

Natalia x

Shelly S.

I was always up and down with my fitness and eating and had tried lots of different types of exercise programs and eating habits. And although I have a background in sports, exercise, health and well-being I could never get my body and mind to the stage I wanted to be at. That’s when I decided to get some advice and met with Zoe-Claire at Vosky Bodies.

Their great reputation got me in the door in the first place! What has kept me on board with Vosky Bodies is their compassion, professionalism and knowledge – and most importantly their support and positivity!

They have all the extras in their nutrition and competition prep programs that keep you on track AND they’re always there for you – I felt like I could talk to them about ANYTHING! The whole Vosky team are great inspiration as well, which is important to me to always have someone to look up to.

After my programs I have gained muscle and strength, improved my relationship with food, energy levels and sleeping habits which makes me feel awesome and determined everyday! I am ready for for my next goal which is competing in my first fitness competition next year with Vosky Bodies – I cannot wait!

Billy S.

Zoe-Claire from Vosky Bodies has been a great inspiration to my partner and I in helping us live a healthy and active lifestyle. Vosky Bodies has provided us with knowledge in eating well, training correctly and learning how to maintain results.

With living a healthier lifestyle we have seen changes in our work and personal lives – we now have  energy to do more and be more positive. We find we participate in more physical activities and also are more eager to do the hobbies we love.

My partner and I had always known the basics of dieting and training but always struggled to be motivated and understand why results were slow but it wasn’t until we approached Vosky Bodies that we got to the next level of living and maintaining a healthy and happy life.

Thanks again Vosky Bodies!

Sarah F.

Thank you so much Zoe-Claire! I have enjoyed my journey to the competitions so much. I’ve had heard ALL the horror stories about restrictive chicken and broccoli diet plans, hours of cardio and emotional roller-coaster competitors – you won’t get that with Zoe!

I felt totally supported the entire way through my prep – and that for me is the most important thing. The challenge of competing is massive and I was always afraid of going it alone – especially for my first time. With Zoe and her team, I felt compassion, support and guidance all the way through to the competition day. I hope to work with you again one day!

Customized solutions to help you achieve your goal whether that be weight loss, weight maintenance, muscle gain or preparing for a competition [bikini, figure, fitness model, bodybuilding; all federations]. Our ‘no-bull’ approach is firmly underpinned by experience & focuses on YOUR health & optimizing YOUR metabolism.