Hi, I’m Zoe-Claire Yaworsky…

IFBB Pro and long time fitness and health fanatic!

I spent my growing up years between the UK and the awesome, multicultural city of Hong Kong eating Chau Fan, riding ex-racehorses, dancing, gymnastics, sprinting and playing tackle rugby (and of course shopping), with my nose in a book or rescuing snakes from being made into soup at the local Chinese market restaurants. I moved to Australia about 10 years ago after a 2 year stint working in Ireland!


With my Mum being an exercise physiologist and health & fitness magazine publisher I was really thrown into the deep end of the lifestyle early on – I will be forever grateful for that!

I started researching the world of nutrition, health and training in more depth when I went on a big health kick about 8 years ago.

I am passionate, driven, honest, compassionate (I have a massive heart!) a bit quirky, love to laugh (I have a silly side!), open minded, curious and have integrity that I’m proud of! I have really good values and ain’t afraid to stand up for what I believe is right!

Health, Nutrition & Training

I never set out on my health journey specifically to lose weight (despite being a bit sqooshy!). I implemented many new health changes because I wanted to feel better, be more healthy, attempt to ward off illness as best I could, keep my moods (that includes female moodiness!) in check and have a really positive outlook on life!

I believe that our eating regime should be realistic and sustainable. I don’t like fad diets, quick fixes, complicated and unrealistic approaches to eating. Whatever we choose to do it needs to be consistent, long-term and something that can be adapted for our lifestyles.

I have learnt that what we put in our gobs has implications far beyond simply looking good!

Our body undergoes 6 trillion chemical reactions per second – we have to think about what we’re chucking into our fuel tanks. Nutrition is such a vital part of our health!

Why are people getting so sick? Why is there such a massive increase in diabetes, obesity, cancer, mental illness? I believe that certain foods in our diets have a huge impact on all of these things. I got angry about it and I wanted to find out why … and how we can affect change.

THIS is why I am passionate about health and fitness. THIS is why I made and continue to make these changes to my lifestyle and try to inspire others to. Change IS difficult but you can introduce little changes bit by bit. These small changes CAN have a huge impact!



I admired bodybuilding competitors for a long time. The amazing work they put into training and diet to be in peak physical condition is awe-inspiring. I too wanted to see how far I could push myself and see what my body was/is capable of.. and to test my will power and dedication!

ifbb figure pro card

I always knew I was never suited the catwalk (cough, huh hum), but my mesomorph, athletic type body meant I had good foundations there to sculpt my body for figure competition!

So after I felt I had built my physique up to being acceptable standard for stage, I entered my first novice comp, fell in love with the sport and am now hooked!

My goal is to have longevity in my competing career. For me this means a very healthy, sustainable approach and one that is based in science. My goal first and foremost is my health. No crazy stuff! I’m always working towards gaining more lean muscle mass and continuing to sculpt my body!

People I Find Inspirational

Any person – male or female – who has overcome their fitness and health challenges and push themselves to reach their goals big or small to better their health and their quality of life. My Mum and all my fitness friends who inspire and motivate me EVERY HOUR EVERY DAY!!

Good luck on your health-fit journey!

Zoe-Claire Yaworsky


Finalist – Australian Small Business Champion Awards [2016] Selected as a Finalist in the 2016 Australian Small Business Champion Awards out of 1,200 entries, and acknowledged as an Elite Australian small business in the Fitness Services Category.
Australia Day Senior Sportsperson Nomination [2016]
Natural Bodz Team Selection:
To represent Australia 2013 at Musclemania Fitness America! [2013]
Sponsored Athlete  [2013-2015 ]
Senior Sportswoman of the Year Mackay Sports Star Awards [Dec 2012]
Weekly Radio Spot on ABC Tropical North – Marketing 101 [2014-ongoing]

Flex Magazine: Featured Athlete Profile [2016]
Raw Muscle Magazine: Featured Athlete Profile [2016]
Natural Bodz Magazine: Featured Athlete Profile [2013]
Others: Thirsty Work, FitnessX USA, Core


• Hong Kong, UK & Australia.
• 16 years exercise training and bodybuilding experience.
• 5 years coaching and mentoring experience.
• 15 years working in sales and marketing industry and running small business.

LivingWorks Australia (LWA) safeTALK-training, 2009
Bio-Medical Science, 2000
AFA Fitness, 2013
Metabolic Nutritionist, Metabolic Precision Certified Provider, 2015
Natural Optimal Health – Enterprise Fitness (Mark Ottobre), 2012
Sports Medicine & Weight-Loss Workshop, Dr Ray Shah, 2012
‘Get the Edge’ Workshop Lindy Olsen & Jo Rogers, 2012

Competition History

[Oct] Figure Pro-Card Winner!
IFBB National Championships
[Oct] Figure Open 1st Place
IFBB QLD State Titles [Oct] Figure Open 1st Place
IFBB ARNOLDS ASIA [Aug] Figure Open 4th Place
IFBB QLD Championships [July] Figure Open 2nd Place

IFBB Joe Weider’s Amateur Olympia
[Dec] Figure Open (s) 3rd Place
IFBB State Titles
[Oct] Figure Open 2nd Place
IFBB Arnolds [March] Figure Open (m) 4th Place
IFBB Q [March] Figure Open 3rd Place

IFBB All Female [July Sydney] Figure (n/s) 1st Place
IFBB All Female
[July Melbourne] Figure (ft) 1st Place

Musclemania [Nov Las Vegas] Figure Pro Status
Musclemania [Nov Las Vegas] Figure America 1st Place
INBA Brisbane Natural Titles [May Brisbane] Figure International 1st Place
ANB Coral Coast Classic [June Townsville] Figure Open 2nd Place
ANB Asia Pacific International [June Gold Coast] Figure Open 3rd Place
INBA Brisbane Natural Physique Titles [May Brisbane] Physique Open 4th Place
ANB Asia Pacific International
[June Gold Coast] Fitness Model (classic) 5th Place

ANB Aus. Nationals [Oct Sydney] Novice Figure (s) 1st Place
ANB Queensland State Titles [Sept Gold Coast] Figure (n/s) 1st Place
ANB NQ Natural Championships [Sept Townsville] Posing Award, Figure (n) 1st Place, Overall Figure

Senior Sportswoman of the Year [Dec ’12], Mackay Sports Star Awards
Pizza Eating Competition Winner [better believe it , 2011] Apple & Grape Festival Stanthorpe  


Sponsored Athlete

Vosky Bodies
Hipfish Creative Agency
Solerajah Racehorses
Mass Nutrition