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You’ve decided it’s time to shed a few kg’s?  Awesome!

As we all know, there are diets everywhere… magazines, books, online, the latest and greatest celebrity diets.. it’s so hard to make sense of it all!

No worries, we’ve done that for you.

Everyone responds to different things in a different way.. including food.

There is NO one-size-fits-all ‘diet’…

Our plan for you is to get your body working FOR you  – not against you

We start together with an initial nutrition consult – this tells us where you are at, what’s happening with your lifestyle, your food and dieting history, your body type, your likes and dislikes, your goals and offers us lots of insight into what your  metabolism is doing.

Losing weight to us really means losing FAT. We want to hold onto all the lean tissue we can as it burns calories even when we are resting. Traditional diets (low calorie)  often result with you ending up losing fat AND muscle too, so your metabolism slows and you start to put the weight back on .. as all fat… oh no!

A personalized plan is specifically tailored for YOU, for YOUR GOALS, that fits in with… your lifestyle, the foods you like, your social life, your working hours…and…without missing out on the good life.

It’s a way of eating not a prison sentence!

Our focus for you is long term health and vitality and being the weight that you are comfortable with that is easy to maintain.

This program will help you to stabilize your metabolism, set you up for successful body-fat loss & more.

Lets get you on your way to being a healthier you… and feeling gooooood!

We’ve got this!

✔ Initial nutrition consult & screening
✔ Custom Nutrition Program
✔ 11 Weekly Plan Reviews
✔ Weekly check-ins
✔ One-on-one support
✔ Online Support Group
✔ Recipe suggestions + liquid meal options!

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