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This is NOT about LOOKING ‘good’…

When you get behind people,
believe in them,
help them to see themselves in a different light..
what they can do, who they can be – INSIDE.

Create a safe space where they can
see and feel their potential,
face themselves,
do something amazing,
something challenging,
and insanely confronting.

This is NOT simply about LOOKING ‘good’,
being lean or flaunting a physique…

This is far, far more than that.

And anyone who has competed knows this,
knows how much we learn about who we are during it.

We get to know our excuses,
our boundaries,
our ability to say no if it doesn’t serve us,
our emotional maturity,
our weaknesses.
our strengths,
our will power,
our breaking point,
how we talk to ourselves….

And joe public (understandably!) aren’t aware of this,
or what goes on behind the scenes.

All they see are the flashy pictures,
the clothes, the trophies,
the butts, the posing… the END PRODUCT.

What they don’t see is
the grueling work,
the sweat and tears,
the melt downs,
the support,
the connections,
the hand holding and the pep talks from us and team mates,
facing up to negative self talk,
conquering demons along the way,
getting tough,
being real,
the battles fought and won.

Every person (in any arena and in any challenge),
deserves a safe haven to experience this process of self-discovery.

I am so proud of my clients.

Zoe-Claire Yaworsky Ifbb Pro 
and the team at Vosky Bodies

All the ladies had SOLO shoots on the day too. Strong, classy and all really unique. Such characters!

Unfortunately, not all of our clients got to join us on the day with Dallas for this amazing team shoot, but we were thinking of them and wish they could have all been there!

Thankyou SO much Dallas and Lindy for such a magic experience. And a VERY special mention to Lauren for being so patient and accommodating (wonder woman!) and making the day run so smoothly for us!

We had SO much fun, and will definitely make this a tradition!

Photography by Dallas Olsen Studios/Visual Media, Gold Coast

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