My take on ‘Fitspiration’ images

My take on Fitspiration images

Hey you!

Stop comparing yourself to competition and fitspiration pics and holding yourself ransom to an unrealistic, unsustainable body image!

What you’re seeing in many of these pictures is either a well composed photograph and often of people in a condition that most human beings can’t maintain for more than 3 days.

To reiterate this – see my example pic. Obviously ‘selfies’ are all about highlighting your best angles!  But the reality is the reality!

Most people don’t walk about the way they pose for these images and if they did it’d cause some serious spinal distress… [I am now picturing the girl out of the Exorcist…]

If you like the look of a competitor or fitness model, don’t stop at their ‘stage ready’/super low body fat pics. Try and find an ‘off season’ pic of them too!

And if you find an inspirational pic of a bit of a body (a calf, some abs, lats, maybe you even have elbow envy who knows!)… try to:

fitspiration imagesa) find out the person who’s bit it is, and
b) find a ‘relaxed/off-season’ shot of the same person/competitor so you’re not in danger of comparing yourself to ridonculous ideals.

Be wary of lining up your ‘goal’ body with unrealistic ideals and enhanced images.

Without sounding like a broken record – simply strive to be the best you – FOR YOU.

Zozo x

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  • Stephie / September 5, 2014 at 7:27 am

    Some of those pictures we see all over facebook of these perfect girls bodies are so intimidating, I’m glad that girls like you are being honest and letting us lesser ‘girls’ know that a lo of them are professional competitors and only look so perfect for a couple of days… and that its unrealistic and unhealthy to look like that for much longer.