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MEET THE ATHLETE… Bikini Champion Anne Marie Pisani

CLIENTS WHO ROCK: Anne Marie Pisani!


NAME Anne Marie Pisani
AGE 35 | COMP CATEGORY Bikini/Swimsuit

You have been very successful on the competition stage to date. Do you still get nervous getting up there?

OMG yes I do get nervous! This is what I am working on for Season B, to improve my confidence 🙂

What were you most surprised about in the world of competition (something you didn’t expect)?

I didn’t expect everyone to be so nice backstage (other competitors).

“It’s amazing how strong I can make my mind by looking after my body! “

Is there anything you would do differently next time you prep for a competition?

I need to push myself harder in my training.


Biggest thing you learnt about yourself through your journey to stage?

Just how strong I can make my mind by looking after my body.

Advice for newbies starting a prep?

Just do it! Stop making excuses and just do it!

How tough did you find prepping for a competition?

Not too tough as I love the structure involved in prepping. My mind seems to function so much better and stronger when I have a plan to stick to.

“I love the structure involved in prepping. My mind seems to function so much better and stronger when I have a plan to stick to.”

Is it important for competitors to have a coach?

Most definitely.

Why did you choose Vosky Bodies?

I liked the professionalism and the proof is in the results.

What are you most proud of (in life, not just competition!)

My 3 children.

Best thing about working with a coach / team?

I have no idea about the science behind what we do, I NEED a coach otherwise I wouldn’t know what I was doing! And of course the support and constant feedback is what gives me the drive to push harder.

“The support and constant feedback from a Coach and with my Team mates is what gives me the drive to push harder”.

Your best trait?

Definitely my determination – once I set my mind to something I have trouble changing my own mind.

What did you find the most challenging post-competition? Did you experience post-comp blues? How did you handle it?

I have never experienced the post comp blues!

Advice for people wanting to change their health who don’t know where to start…

Ask an expert and then just do it!

Any future goals? What next? Something different?

 I am competing again in 2017 and stepping outside of my comfort zone this season.

Any last words?

Prepping with Vosky Bodies has been nothing short of AMAZING!!

Zoe-Claire has shown me how enjoyable prep can be given the right coach and programming. Everything from my diet to my training has been created for my specific needs so that I am always on point with nutrition, from the different phases of competition prep, reverse dieting and off-season programming.  I highly recommend working with Vosky Bodies to achieve any health or fitness goal.  I have never been happier and feel so fortunate to be part of such an amazing team of athletes!


Any thank-yous or shout-outs?

I would like to give a shout out to the team at Mass Nutrition Mackay for all of their support, and to ATP Australia – I was fortunate to become an ATP Ambassador this year (ATP Tribe)! And a final thank you goes to Zoe – I love having you as my coach.




2017 Season A
Overall Champion, Swimsuit (Tsv)
Overall Champion, Swimsuit (Mky)
1st Place, Bikini [c] (Mky)
2nd Place, Bikini [c] (Tsv)

2016 Season B
2nd Place,  Bikini [c] (Mky)
1st Place, Bikini [c] (Tsv)

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