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An incredible weekend in Brisbane & Gold Coast for Champion AnneMarie

And now the results and highlights of an incredible weekend in Brisbane and Gold Coast with the Vosky Team can start rolling in!

First up we had AnneMarie Pisani who competed on Saturday at the Qld State Championships in Brisbane, taking home another FIRST PLACE in her Swimsuit [c] category!

Sundays show saw AnneMarie WINNING the AWNBS 2018 Swimsuit Open, a FIRST PLACE in her first Bikini division… PLUS a 2nd place in her second division!

AnneMarie really stepped out of her comfort zone this season and hit some big shows!

How fabulous to see her doing so well in much larger, super competitive line ups!

Congratulations super star!

Zoe-Claire Yaworsky Ifbb Pro and the Team at Vosky Bodies

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