yoga toned vosky bodies

‘I go to yoga to lose weight and get toned’. Okay hang on a second…

‘I go to yoga to lose weight and get toned’.

Okay hang on a second –

Yoga WILL improve your strength, your flexibility and yes – you will likely feel fricking fabulous doing it…


Yoga won’t really make you any more fit than going for a sprightly stroll…..

You might (at a later stage) be so bendy that you can throw your foot behind your head – and let’s not go into the possible advantages of that..

You will have stronger abs (I said stronger not visible), and you will feel good, très chic and slightly zen doing it (many use it as a stress reliever and time out)..

… and yoga pants – because who doesn’t love them.

If those are the benefits you’re looking for then by all means knock yourself out!

But remember, there is a big difference between ‘being’ strong and ‘looking’ strong.

If that’s what you’re after, you’re downward dog barking up the wrong tree … Yoga won’t change the SHAPE of your body.

To do this you need to look at making improvements to muscle mass and nutrition (very important) – try weight bearing exercises like weight training and even think about adding in some more intense exercise like sprints or HIIT.

AND – adding all of the above into your routine will make you a very well rounded healthy-fitness person indeed! 

Zoe-Claire x