So you want to compete… CONGRATULATIONS on taking the first step!

From my own experience, competing has been the best thing I’ve ever done. It’s such an awesome feeling walking out onto that stage and bringing your best package!

My name is Zoe-Claire Yaworsky – My Team and I can walk with you all the way.

It’s an exciting journey (and a little scary, esp if it’s your first time).

There’s SO much to think about… training, a diet plan, sleep, stress, stage practice, supplements, which category…

And then there’s the questions you ask yourself… What if I’m not ready? What if my bodyfat doesn’t drop? What if I lose muscle? What should I eat? What do I do when I get there on the day…?

Yep – we have been there done that. We get it.

Our Comp Prep Package will ensure that you’re getting what you need to give yourself the best chance for success!

Our approach is customized to suit YOU

Your body type, your needs, your nutrition history, your head space, your lifestyle and your goals. Yes, you are an individual AND we ensure that your health is the number 1 priority above all else.

You will have Zoe-Claire (an experienced champ and active competitor) heading the Vosky Bodies team and guiding you all the way. Your team of coaches, trainers, nutritionists & exercise physiologist have over 25 years + experience.

You will be required to undergo a client screening prior to sign-up.

We do ask that clients who wish to compete on the Vosky Bodies Team have these 3 things:

1) Be serious & enthusiastic about committing to your goal
2) Have a positive relationship with eating & body image
3) Foster great communication with your coach & team!

If you’re ready to get some serious results…

Join our Team.





1. Consult / Meet and Greet
(consult and competition screening – complimentary and done before you sign-up)

Together we’ll discuss your needs, where you’re at, where you want to go and when! We can chat about the package, the services, ours and your expectations and any burning questions you have. This gives you an opportunity to decide if you feel comfy working with us (which is really important when choosing a coach!).

2. Full client screening
3. Customized nutrition planning: Competition nutrition, Weekly plan reviews, Peak Week, Reverse Dieting*
4. Personalised training program: Your customized training program/s will be designed specifically for you & geared up for your goal. We’ll sweat the planning, so you can focus on you.
5. Individual, private posing sessions (Package 1)
6. Group posing sessions (Package 1 / subject to availability)
7. Personal Training (Package 1)

  • Weekly check-ins & Feedback / Progress shots/markers
  • Questions answered!
  • Online FB private support group
  • Assistance with sourcing/choosing stage wear/costumes/shoes/make-up/hairstyle & other stage needs…
  • Post comp support (check-ins, email/phone/F2F)*
  • Show day contact: A contact will be available all day for you (phone/email/text)
  • Backstage Support (Subject to availability)

And more..

Competition prep packages from 12 to 20 weeks + (case by case assessment).

Competition prep can be a rewarding yet very challenging experience. It’s important we determine together if you are physically & emotionally prepared to compete at this time. And don’t worry if you’re not yet ready, we can help you get there – the healthy way!

*Request full inclusion list for packages. Conditions apply.