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This is NOT about LOOKING ‘good’…

When you get behind people, believe in them, help them to see themselves in a different light.. what they can do, who they can be – INSIDE. Create a safe space where they can see and feel their potential, face themselves, do something amazing, something challenging, and insanely confronting. This is NOT simply about LOOKING […]

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So today my client got FIT SHAMED…

So today my client got FIT SHAMED… Set the scene: McDonald’s bathroom queue/behind two women/early 30’s. Here’s what happened… One lady says in a snarky voice… “Do you come here JUST to make us real women feel bad?” (Pardon me.. ‘REAL’ women???) My client (annoyed) “I’m sorry, what?” The lady laughed and the other one […]

Australian Small Business Champion Awards Finalist 2016
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Australian Small Business Champion Finalist!

We are thrilled and very proud to share our exciting news! Vosky Bodies has been selected as a Finalist in the 2016 Australian Small Business Champion Awards out of 1,200 entries! Vosky Bodies has been acknowledged as an Elite Australian small business in the Fitness Services Category. A huge thank-you and tones of gratitude to […]

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Would a bad toxicity rating make you change your mascara?

What’s in your skin care, make up or toothpaste? The EWG’s Skindeep Cosmetics Database gives ratings on toxicity. This includes: ingredients/chemicals, carcinogens, reproductive and development toxins, neurotoxins, health risks, known studies, warnings and whether ingredients have been banned in any countries. This is another unregulated industry so expect the unexpected. Unfortunately there are so many […]

Comparing Yourself To Others
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She’s got something I don’t…

  Comparing ourselves… We’ve all done it – or do it! She has less body fat – so what! You could have less body fat too if you stop concentrating on the other girl with less body fat and work on having less body fat… She has more developed quads – so what! Focus on what you […]