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This is NOT about LOOKING ‘good’…

When you get behind people, believe in them, help them to see themselves in a different light.. what they can do, who they can be – INSIDE. Create a safe space where they can see and feel their potential, face themselves, do something amazing, something challenging, and insanely confronting. This is NOT simply about LOOKING […]

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“But you don’t LOOK like a bodybuilder….”

Comments people said to me about my body last week… • You’re crazy stacked! • You’re SOOoo teeny! (intended as a compliment) • But you don’t LOOK like a bodybuilder…… • Are you competing soon? 🙂 [Image .. current me (right) vs nearing a competition me (left)] The only differences here being body fat % […]

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Shoot with Dallas Olsen!

Loved catching up with the inspirational Lindy Olsen at Oxygen Mag HQ! Thanks so much for coming down and saying hi Lindy 😊 Dallas worked his magic again and we had a cracker jack shoot! Lindy has been someone I have followed and been inspired by for more time than I can remember! Follow her […]

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Shoot with Gary Phillips!

A HUMONGOUS thankyou to this guy for another successful session of shooting at Titans Gym, Sydney…. and with a side serve of lotsa laughs. Gary Phillips – you are a legend! #garyphillips #fitnessshoot #ifbb #ifbbaustralia #figurepro

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IFBB Pro Card … Thoughts!

People keep asking me if it’s sunk in yet, and I keep saying no! It’s as if it happened to someone else… and I was a spectator watching it all unfold. I was so looking forward to today…. because this will be my first quiet weekend in months. I can kind of wind down and […]

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Vosky Bodies Competition Team Results so far. Season A 2015

Vosky Bodies Competition Team Results so far.. [Season A 2015] We are very proud of our competitors regardless of placings, but you asked to see the results of the day, so here they are! A huge show with BIG line ups. COMPETITORS: Kelli, Lina, Sarah, Jamie, Ash, Monique & Nathania —————————————————————- 1st Place Monique: Fitness […]

You should never trash talk your team
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You should never trash talk your team!

You should never trash talk your team! If you’ve ever spoken negatively about your organization or the people you work with, you’ve not realized what great leaders have: Talking trash only hurts yourself. Why? Because people will not trust you or build a deep relationship with you. They may even respect you less — and […]

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12 Steps to get S*** Done

12 Steps to get Shit Done Written by Craig Harper STEP 1. Don’t talk shit. Shit-talkers are notorious under do-ers, under-achievers and under-performers. They’re also pains in the arse. STEP 2. Don’t wait for shit to ‘work out’. Idiots wait for things to work out. Rather than hope things will happen, make them happen. STEP […]