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Clients who ROCK!

One of our spectacular body composition clients amazing transformation so far… This is her from May to today… WHADDA DIFFERENCE! We won’t go into too much, but I do want to say that this girl works LONG day vs night shifts …. So has lots of things to contend with that which most of us […]

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So today my client got FIT SHAMED…

So today my client got FIT SHAMED… Set the scene: McDonald’s bathroom queue/behind two women/early 30’s. Here’s what happened… One lady says in a snarky voice… “Do you come here JUST to make us real women feel bad?” (Pardon me.. ‘REAL’ women???) My client (annoyed) “I’m sorry, what?” The lady laughed and the other one […]

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Vosky Team 2018. Will you make the cut?

2 spots left! WE ARE NOW SCREENING FUTURE COMPETITORS FOR THE VOSKY BODIES 2018 SEASON A TEAM. Limited off-Season coaching spots NOW OPEN. [Season B 2017 now closed] We do put a cap on intake (as we like to give each of you LOTS of attention !) and our screening is tough! So, if you’re […]

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How I Survived the Post Comp Fall Out (and how you can too)

Many of us prepare for a long, long time to get our physiques ready for competition. We follow a robust schedule with intensity and a HUGE focus on our end goal. Each one of us spends so much of our time training, organising, planning, researching, logging, investing in tupperware shares and tracking macros. Whopping great wheelbarrows […]

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Another smashing season for AnneMarie!

What a fantastic human and competitor! 1ST PLACE Bikini [c] 1ST PLACE Bikini Model [c] 1st place overall Swimsuit International … and then went on to win the OVERALL CHAMPION! Just superb! You looked incredible!   Very proud of you, as you should be of you! Zoe-Claire & the Team at Vosky Bodies voskybodies.com.au